and I said to my body, softly,
'I want to be your friend.'

it took a long breath
and replied,
'I have been waiting
my whole life for this.'

      ~Nayyirah Waheed

It's ok to feel vulnerable, nearly everyone who sits in front of my camera feels awkward or uncomfortable initially. See that woman in the photo above? That's ME! I scheduled my own personal photoshoot IN 2018.

The day of my shoot, I enjoyed being pampered with professional hair & makeup, just like you'll enjoy. And I'm in no way making this up, my smile is so awkward when I try to smile for the camera... I remember warning my friend how bad it was, and nervously wishing her good luck.

When I sat in front of her, I remember feeling so uncomfortable, (I'm so AWKWARD!!) but my lovable friend & colleague guided me from pose to pose and my nerves quickly melted away. We were chatting and enjoying the shoot so much, it was over before I knew it and I LOVE LOVE LOVED my photos!!!

This experience made me even more sensitive to the needs of my clients.  That's why I focus on your comfort and why I gently guide you throughout your shoot.  We'll do your hair, your makeup, we'll laugh, we'll become friends.  When we start taking pictures, you'll be ready.  Let's meet over tea or coffee or a smoothie, and let's chat about planning your perfect photoshoot.

Isn't that so profoundly true?  Don't we want this for our children, no matter their age?  And don't we want this for our partner, our spouse, our mom, our sister, our best friend?

That raw sentiment guides every click of my camera's shutter.  At the very core of my soul, I want this for not only my daughters, but YOUR daughters, YOUR family, YOU.

I realized, as the years passed, and more and more moms and grandmothers graced my camera lens, they've revealed their insecurities to me, lamenting about their weight, their wrinkles, their 'thick' this and 'lumpy' that, their perceived imperfections.  I draw upon Frida Kahlo's sentiment over and over - Let me show you yourself through MY 'lens', let me show you your beauty.

"If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then, would you realize how special you are to me"

As a young mom, years back, I remember shopping for a Hallmark card for my tween daughters birthdays (both of them celebrate an October birthday) and I stumbled across the most profound sentiment by Frida Kahlo.  It was this:

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